Friends of the Farms Seeks Immediate Intern Housing

posted 7 days ago by s_lane from Bainbridge Prepares Labels: friends of the farms

The City of Bainbridge Island is making essential repairs to public farmland housing, and farm interns are in need of a place to live while they are learning from and working with our local farmers from June 1 to September 30. Do you have a spare room or ADU you can make available?


Every year since 2012, Friends of the Farms has provided affordable housing for interns in the COBI-owned Morales and Suyematsu Farmhouses. These internships are opportunities for up to 9 young people to learn from established local farmers—many have stayed in the region to start their own farm businesses.

The average age of a US farmer is 57 years old, and access to affordable land and housing are the biggest barriers to farm businesses. This pipeline helps ensure opportunities for our next generation of local farmers.

Thank you for your consideration and support of local agriculture.


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