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We are sewing face masks in partnership with Bainbridge Prepares during the COVID-19 situation. Click here to help purchase mask supplies.

Our masks are made of thick terry cloth and have a wire nose piece and adjustable ties for looping around the ears or tying behind the head for fit and comfort. Our masks are NOT equivalent to N95 masks, but while N95 masks are scarce, our terry cloth masks can contain the coughs and sneezes of patients while they are receiving health care.

Please ship or deliver all donated materials to Bainbridge Island City Hall, they will then be packaged into kits and given to volunteers to sew the masks:

Bainbridge Island City Hall Attn: Bainbridge Prepares 280 Madison Ave N, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

Each set of 4 towels can produce approximately 84 masks.

Thank you!!!

Here is the [SignUp Genius ] ( to help purchase mask supplies.


  • Hello, my mom sews and is at home and said she can make some. Where/ when can I pick up a few kits for her? Thank you!

    sarahavill "(9 days ago)"
  • Hi. I am staying at home during this virus but I would love to help make masks. I have my machine and table all set up and ready to go

    Please contact me so I can help. 206 842 4032 Judy Simpson "(8 days ago)"
  • Sara & Judy an email with more information is coming your way. Thanks

    ElizabethOzimek "(8 days ago)"
  • Hi, I own a nice Husqvarna sewing machine that I don't really know how to use (my mom in the midwest is a master seamstress, and she handed it down). I'd be glad to loan it to BARN or any individual who wants to sew masks but doesn't have a machine.

    chrisrin "(8 days ago)"
  • I can sew and have a Bernina machine. I'm also 3d-printing masks.

    SandyClark "(8 days ago)"
  • Sandy - I sent you an email with more info. Thank you for your offer.

    Chrisrin - Thank you for your willingness to loan your mom's sewing machine. If you comment with an email address then I can send you the contact info for the BI Mask Sewers google group.

    ElizabethOzimek "(8 days ago)"
  • Hello - I have a sewing machine ready to go and would love to help. Please let me know when and where to pick up the kits. Thank you.

    lindalubovich "(8 days ago)"
  • How do I become part of the 'we' who are making the kits or sewing the masks?

    isabelsdottir "(8 days ago)"
  • I bought 15 yards of bias tape to donate. What are the drop off hours at City Hall? Thanks!

    lvh98110 "(8 days ago)"
  • Hi Elizabeth, I sent you my email address using Facebook Messenger. Thanks!

    chrisrin "(7 days ago)"
  • Please contact me so I can get a kit to start making masks I am ready to go "(7 days ago)"
  • I need help.. I have daughters caring for covid patients in Seattle and Chicago hospitals right now... can someone get me two masks? I’ll donate any amount that is needed to the greater effort. Please help

    MtnMeadow98 "(7 days ago)"
  • I would like to help make masks. Please contact me with info. Thank you.

    JanicePetaja "(7 days ago)"
  • lvh98110 - City Hall is open to drop off's M-F, 9-1.

    isabelsdottir - I sent you an email with more information

    judyj_simpson - I sent you an email with more info yesterday morning.

    mtnmeadow98 - please send me your contact info at, I have no way of contacting you unless you post it.

    ElizabethOzimek "(7 days ago)"
  • I would love to help sewing masks and washing them as well. Please let me know how I can help Martha Wells 206-842-8503 206-979-9333

    MarthaW "(7 days ago)"
  • My daughter has some free time (middle schooler). She likes sewing and would love to help. Can she make a few masks? Please let me know. Tammy 206-261-5259.

    TLDeets "(6 days ago)"
  • I am an experienced at sewing and design and would be so happy to help sew masks. Please let me know how I can volunteer sewing.

    Astokes "(6 days ago)"
  • Please let me know how I can help make masks. Email is

    Carolynflack "(6 days ago)"
  • I also could help sew. thanks for all you're doing.

    gigigodfrey "(5 days ago)"
  • I’m trying to sign up to BI Mask Makers. And having no luck with the directions to do that. Though I’m 71 yrs old please reply to me as if I’m a 5 yr old. Thanks in advance for whatever you can do to help me. "(4 days ago)"
  • I would love to sew some masks! I have a sewing machine and lots of time.

    RowanD "(4 days ago)"
  • I can donate my sewing machine to the cause of making masks to someone with experience using sewing machines.

    sandyhaight "(3 days ago)"
  • I have a heavy duty sewing machine and basic/intermediate sewing skills. Please let me know if you need another set of sewing hands! In the meantime, I’ve bought supplies and will drop off on Monday! Sew on!

    Hansenpm "(2 days ago)"
  • Please let me know when mask kits area available. Have sewing machine ready to go and willing to help!

    erikabiggs "(about 23 hours ago)"
  • I am happy to help with the mask-making effort . Just let me know what I need to do.

    Klacroix "(about 19 hours ago)"
  • I would love to help sew some masks. Please let me know where to pick up the kits. Thank you, Betsy Hettich "(about 13 hours ago)"
  • Hello, I have been sewing masks as well, working with different patterns and more importantly different types of fabric. Filtration and breathability are two important variables. Though certainly, we won't be making N95 level of protection, I think that a layer of non-woven material is especially important for filtration. Please see the two following articles. Possibly, re-thinking the currently used fabric of terry cloth, which is woven, would better protect the mask recipients and usefulness of sewers generous intentions.

    joeandtrisha "(about 12 hours ago)"
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