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If you are a sewer, have material or funds to donate to this project....we need you!  Led by the fabulous Fran Fuller of BARN and Bainbridge Prepares, we are making protective masks and gowns to distribute to our health care workers or used to protect their patients.  As you've heard on the news, all masks are in short supply, most definitely the N95s but also surgical masks. While these homemade masks aren't as effective as the N95s, they are better than nothing.

So, what we need from you: -new/newish thick plush towels (the thicker the better) -1/2" double-fold bias binding (any color). Whole packages are best, but pieces 12” long or longer will be welcome, too -pipe cleaners- unused.  -monetary donations to purchase elastic and additional towel fabric, binding, etc can be sent to Bainbridge Prepares

If you can sew in the safely of your own home, please join the BIMaskMakers Google Group and click "Apply to Join".  Through this Google Group, we can provide you with the pattern, information on the distribution of material, and share our procedures on how we will sanitize and safely distribute these masks to those in need.  Gowns will be our next project. 

If you can donate any of the above materials, please drop them off at BARN between 9-1pm M-F.  BARN is officially closed, but you can peek in and knock on BARN's Executive Director's, Denise Dumouchel, office window (just to the right of the upper front doors.)


  • Hi Gillian, there are now a bunch of community people gearing up to make masks, following a post by someone who works at the Polyclinic, which is appealing for masks. I'm not sure they all want to join your Google Group, and I'm not sure you want them to. Is there some other way we can coordinate?

    Thanks, Marsha

    mcutting "(9 months ago)"
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